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The School aims to train professional dancers who can join leading international companies.
It also prepares younger students to hold auditions in the various academies for an improvement of the last years of study.
To achieve these goals, students are taught to develop the essential qualities necessary to achieve what is important: discipline, respect for teachers, the belief of what they face along with determination and passion.

In 1970 Cristina Bozzolini founded the school of the Centro Studi Danza with Lilia Bertelli, in the historic building located in Piazza della Signoria in Florence.
Since 1987 the school, together with the Balletto di Toscana company, has moved to Via Monteverdi, in the district of San Jacopino, where it remains to this day.
The Study Plan of each academic year of the School of Balletto di Toscana, for its students from 6/7 years of age until 18/22, take care of the whole educational path, preparatory, the beginning of the first elements of dance, in-depth study of the various techniques, until the professional training and the moment of technical-artistic improvement.
In this phase it is important the stage internship, necessary to complete the best identity of the classical or contemporary dancer in step with the times and with the deep changes in recent years in the labor market.

The studies are for students aged between 6 and 20.

The classes:

  • Lessons of classical-academic dance, technique of the tips, male technique, classical repertoire of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, pas de deux;
  • Contemporary dance classes, choreographic workshops, contemporary repertoire;
  • Pilates lessons and physical training;
  • History of dance;
  • Theatre performances during the academic year.

Masters of Classical Dance:

  • Umberto De Luca
  • Farida Faggi
  • Lucia Geppi
  • Simonetta Giannasi
  • Angela Rosselli
  • Eugenio Scigliano

Pianist Accompanist:

  • Maestro Francesco Novelli

Masters of Contemporary Dance:

  • Alessio Barbarossa
  • Martina Barbi
  • Arianna Benedetti
  • Carmine Catalano
  • Daniele Cervino
  • Giulia Molinari
  • Angela Placanica
  • Gabriella Secchi

Guest Masters and Choreographers:

  • Damiano Artale
  • Mario Bermudez Gil
  • Sveva Berti
  • Francesca Caroti
  • Luca Cesa
  • Stefania Di Cosmo
  • Philippe Kratz
  • Olivier Lucea
  • Raffaella Renzi

At first, for children who are at least 6/7 years of age, the educational and playful-expressive aspect of dance is enhanced, developing above all the creativity and personality of children with an animation program, rhythmic and elements of introduction to movement and dance, taking care of the processes of socialization of activities without forgetting muscle strengthening, in a constant relationship of information and dialogue with parents.
Subsequently, progressing through the years, in the intermediate and advanced  grade classes we determine the approach, knowledge, deepening of classical-academic technique, based on the tradition of the Russian school, but revised, correct, enriched in the light of the new experiences and orientations of teaching at international level, in the personal synthesis of the skills acquired in the extraordinary career of Cristina Bozzolini during deep collaborations with the most qualified Masters of international renown.
At the same time, in the development of the training course, from the intermediate level classes, in terms integrated with the discipline of classical dance, the study of techniques and multiple languages of modern and contemporary dance up to hip-hop dance, today all relevant and necessary in the preparation of a dancer, ready for the most articulate panorama of opportunities offered by the labor market, in all types of artistic expressions of dance.
Finally, in this perspective, in the levels of advanced and refinement classes, there is a process of specialization divided into two Departments: Classical – academic and Contemporary, mutually complementary and interconnected, with the aim of taking care of the expressive peculiarities of each student in relation to their personal choices and aspirations.

In this context, some relevant opportunities are offered to all students, in relation to their levels of technical acquisition:

  1. a series of choreographic Laboratories and in-depth internships, conducted by renowned guest Masters throughout the academic year;
  2. acquisition of professional internship experience on stage, also for students of intermediate and advanced level courses, with the preparation and the set-up of variations and ensemble ballets to be represented in qualified dance reviews;
  3. participation for all students in the preparation of the annual event that concludes the entire learning path of the academic year with the “Essay-Show” in late June;
  4. to become a member, for the most suitable, selected in the Advanced Courses of the two Departments of the School, in the organic of the Company of the “Nuovo Balletto di Toscana” realizing its productions signed by talented choreographers, potential springboard for a “career” of professional dancer.

Therein, as is easy to guess, the heritage of experiences, artistic relationships and organizational methodologies accumulated in the fifteen years of history of the Balletto di Toscana, from 1985 to 2000, now legendary artistic training (strong presence also of many alumni of the school), founded and directed by Cristina Bozzolini, admired and applauded on the most prestigious international stages and, in its short but intense life, authentic italian “flag” company of dance in the international scene.
From this point of view, our School boasts one of the most remarkable “palmares”, probably the most relevant in the national panorama of the “private” dance schools, with over 200 of its former professional students “in career” in important ballet companies and groups of multiple languages of modern and contemporary dance up to hip-hop dance.
However, we are convinced that precisely this high professional profile, setting and conducting all our educational and training activities, at the very moment when it offers the opportunity, for many but not for all, to gain an outlet on the labour market and a coveted professional position, for all ensures the acquisition of an optimal psycho-physical balance, a greater awareness of the levels of self-discipline of their behavior, in relations with others, with their own image, with their own way of being and communicating, with a superior sensitivity of artistic expression, in an overall enrichment of their personality that remains forever, whatever their personal and professional future.
A guiding principle of our activities, rooted in our experience, because when we work on training, at any level and in any perspective, nothing can nor should be left to improvisation and amateurism.

The structure that today is the Nuovo Balletto Di Toscana organizes its own events since 1970, starting with “Eventi Danza” project by Riccardo Donnini that included exhibitions and shows in various places of the city of Florence.
This type of project has continued and exist to this day, changing and adapting to the times, and today arriving at “Eventi Danza 2022” project that involves the realization of summer shows and festivals in theaters and outdoor spaces such as the “Limonaia” of Villa Strozzi, the florentine theatres such as “La Compagnia” and the “Teatrodante Carlo Monni”, in addition to the organization of internships, masterclasses and workshops related to shows.
The structure deals with, in total autonomy and ever since, the management of all
aspects: staging, permits, production, SIAE, tickets, thanks to the valuable and thirty-year collaboration with its technical director Saverio Cona.
The headquarters of the company, located in Florence, is also periodically used for open rehearsals and exhibitions.
Finally, the structure is used to organize events and shows for the school and its students several times during each academic year.